HeArtCloth Quarterly

colorlogo1.gifThe fourth wonderful issue of HeArtCloth Quarterly has been posted at Art Cloth Studios. This subscription-based magazine/journal/communize from Jane Dunnewold is on my must-have list of studio resources. Jane's teaching style and generosity come through with grace; the articles by other contributors and gallery sections of guest artists always introduce me to someone new, something intriguing, some way to look at the work I do differently. I get to know a burgeoning international community of those who love to make beautiful fabrics  --- all on one or more of the 50-odd pages that make up each issue (by the way, advertising-free). 

Jane always also includes work or words or both by least one YOUNG artist  -- sometimes I feel a bit stranded in my own generation and these features from art schools provide refreshing voices and also help me to feel that while I may be aging, the work I love has connection and relevance to artists of all ages -- and that there are still people coming along who want to work with their hands, hearts and the one-of-a-kind tactile art that gets me going.

 So, if you buy  only one fiber related book a year, this would get my vote. Click here for a few sample pages, and subscription information -- and while you are at the site, don't forget to check out the other offerings, essays and information.