Synchronicity's Ground Rules

Whirling dervishes, she said.

Or do I mean juggling mermaids? 


Whether  it's Jungian truthtelling, real-time verification of quantum mechanics, or simply anecdotal wishful thinking, I do believe in synchronicity.  This week, a number of loosely related happenings all arranged themselves into a vortex of positive energy: I spent two mornings teaching workshops at a beautiful Hill Country venue on the Guadalupe River, (with small sales at the event), a large art quilt was purchased at the Kerr Cultural Arts Center, and, tonight, an email from art biz guru  Alyson Stanfield let me know that she will feature one of my quilts in her Monday newsletter. Not to mention a friend's note that a book about creativity that we've been working on together has reached the proposal stage -- and, so far, looks good. And that another friend and I have just been selected  in a competitive bid situation to design a major  interactive children's exhibit for the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Whew.

But synchronistic energy takes ground work - it doesn't spring from wishful thinking, but from "next best steps.

Sometimes. Like everyone. I don't KNOW what I should be doing. So I just keep moving. Experience has taught me that, even if I make a wrong move, I can undo it, or at least get past it, backtrack and start again. But if I freeze up in a stance of "what if"  or "where next" or "why me (or why not me)" I can almost certainly expect more of the same.



So, in that light:

 I started this blog, though I wasn't certain how to make it distinctive or interesting (I'm not certain yet, so tell me your opinions). I have noticed, that as others have observed, writing an on-line journal is as helpful for the writer, if not more so, as for any particular reader.

I've been taking Stanfield's Promotion on-line course, and from its 28-day curriculum, have enough work and thoughtful pondering to take me though 28 more, at least.

I puzzled out a new notion of community by poking around in the Hill Country towns nearby, especially Kerrville, which has a longstanding and well established artist network. 

I reconnected with Art Cloth friends -- and made some new ones -- by going to the Atlanta/Decatur meeting. 

I go into the studio every day possible, even if its just for stare, shuffle and sketch.

I move consciously, dance as much as possible, and keep my eyes open. When I move beyond known worlds, interesting opportunities tiptoe -- or tumble -- into vision.

This seems to work for me.

P.S. Check the link on the righthand sidebar for a new workshop listing -- this is for January 2007, but an even sooner December workshop is coming to this page soon! (OK, it's a bit cattywhampus, but I'm moving!)