Moving Sound/Sound Movies


First, moving sound. And something, too, about our use of carbon fuels. Changing worlds. How to make it come clear. 

Two movies engaged us this weekend, on DVDs of course (I keep forgetting to go the real movies when I am in town). About the first, I won't say much, except, forget what ever prejudices you may hold for or against Al Gore, and see "An Inconvenient Truth."  I resisted it, fearing that I would only become more depressed about the future of the environment, but, he makes a compelling case that, should the political and cultural will be found, the scientific solutions are already known.

Cedar Falls05.jpg 

 On a lighter note, but no less profound for those of us fascinated with human perception, creativity and the power of the individual who finds her/his true path -- "Touch the Sound" -- a documentary unlike any other, hosted by Grammy award winning percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Ms. Glennie, though hearing impaired, is a renowned musician, and this film explores her vision of sound. A vision that the film makers share with us though images so auditory, they are the filmic equivalent of Arthur Dove's paintings.  (If you know of any other painter who gets sound like he does, let me know -- I'm working on a book for parents and kids about cross-form perception and creativity.)