It's Moo for Me

Sometimes a girl's just got to have fun. And MOO cards are it for me today. Moo cards are smaller, but usable (especially for a nonconforming artist) business-- or whatever -- cards that are printed from a set of photos in Flickr. Falling in love with the cards first, that meant I had to tackle another internet challenge, setting up a Flickr account, uploading photos, and trying to stay detached enough not to get lost in the scores, hundreds, thousands of incredible images that live on the Flickr pages.

h Guad-Tona1.jpg

 This detail from Our Lady of Guadalupe/Tonantzin was one of the 20 or so images I ordered. The card will actually be a slice about 1.5 inches wide through the middle of this picture.


I had a blast. Flickr was fun; Moo was fun. I cannot wait to get my 100 little cards, each one with a different image of my art work on the front, proper business contact information on the back. Seems to me its the next best thing to ATC and at $19.95 for a pack of 100 cards, they are, if not inexpensive, certainly an affordable luxury, like eating raspberries.