The day has ended as one of those brilliantly blue-skied almost October afternoons, surprising and glorious after a humid morning that couldn't decide its season. Just after noon a small group of us took off from El Cielo following the scenic route to Kerrville (Hwy. 16 to Hwy 173 north) for the opening of the Texas Invitational Art Quilt exhibit.

The show was hung in a renovated and repurposed post office, with high ceilings, good lighting and warm hospitality.

 Mary Ann Littlejohn, Houston, and Martha Grant, Boerne, were two of the other artists whose work marched around the room.


 Martha's piece, the puzzle-shaped one is titled "No border, no picture on the lid of the box, no box..."

Mary Ann's square of pieced original fabrics is "Neon Etude." 

Martha and Mary Ann both visited the studio  before we drove to Kerrville.

Here's what we ate before the opening -- a fritatta made with eggs from a local farmstead.  First preheat the broiler. Mix the following well:
10 beaten eggs
8 pieces of finely chopped sundried tomatoes
6 oz.feta, crumbled
2 T. chopped red onion
1/3 cup sliced fresh basil
salt and pepper
Melt 1/2 stick butter in a large oven proof skillet, preferably non-stick
Add the egg mixture and cook over medium hot heat, pulling away the sides to let the liquidy eggs on top flow under. When almost completely set, add about 2-3 more T of cheese, any kind, put under a hot broiler to toast and puff the top.
Slide out onto a warm platter, cover until serving and serve either warm or room temp.

And here's one of my two pieces in the exhibit. (I've been posting teasers, you notice!). If you'd like to know more about the processes that turn a stack of fabric into one of my art quilts, see this blog journal for Sept. 9.

"Our Lady of San Pedro." 2006 

Our lady SP.JPG