Desperate. To-Do List

Hmm, you say. (In a rather ego-driven part of my brain that supposes you've noticed at all) she certainly hasn't posted much lately. And thus one of the truisms of blogging. Insidious doubts arise upon not turning up at the page (electronnic or otherwise). The holidays were one good excuse after another. Continuing computer gliches and slow as molasses satellite connection speeds another. But mainly its a matter of momemtum. AND that, my friends, applies to more in life than blogging.

 BEFORE Studio.jpg



Despite my on-line absence, a few notable accomplishments in the studio this month: Rearranging the studio (see photos before and after), playtime with my sister and cousin making stuff, embellished jean jackets (expect to see them entered into the FASA Runway Show) a lot of thrift store fabric and table linens purchased and ready to use, a good cleaning and mopping, and planning for the next series of El Cielo Studio Workshops:

First -- Artist Journal/Artist Journey, an art journaling retreat that kicks off the studio season next weekend (only one place left if you are interested), then

FEB. 17-18 Fool Moon/Full Moon -- Using lunar energy, lunacy and the power of the feminine to inspire work. Taking chances and stepping into the unknown. Textile techniques will include shaving foam dyeing, "automatic" dyeing, and other improvisational techniques.

MARCH 24-25 Field Guide to Color -- Color theory made fun, with hands-on application of the "rules," and when and how to break them. Using a variety of source material, exercises and media, including dye, watercolor. collage and egg tempera.

APRIL 13-14 Calling All Archetypes -- using your inner crew for work and support. Exploring archetypes,inner voices and their influence. Make an artist's altar  -- fabric and mixed media -- to remind you of a most sacred part of your life.

JUNE -- TBA dates for a 5 day retreat 

JULY 28-29  Burning Woman Workshop -- Using heat, passion and even hot flashes to fuel our work. Sun printing, burning and rusting; rituals and bonfires to keep our inner creativity burning bright. (Probably repeating in August).

Watch the link on the right sidebar  (WORKSHOPS) for details or email me for details or to reserve a space. All of them (except june's) start on Saturday  morning and conclude early afternoon Sunday. Private bedrooms with baths are available on a first-come basis ($15 to $30 per night, with arrival Friday night optional).

And, so I am back in the studio, a no-car day at last, facing the mother of all to-do lists. To keep myself on track, I pledge an entry a day, at least, action that will help my momentum, and give me a little reward in terms of design and writing time as I slog through end-of-year finances (after some glitch in my Quicken files between backups and losing my hard drive seems to have lost ALL of last years entries). Also on the table: preparations for next weeks exhibit at the state capitol building, a benefit of being selected one of the state's "Texas Originals."