Arizona Artcloth

Just a few pics -- general to show the set up more than the specific gorgeous art. I suggest you go to the Artcloth Network site to see good images of the art cloth from the members. The show did hang beautifully and the gallery looked splendid. From left to right, you'll see work by these artists ...


Carol Larson, Sue Jones (2), Lynn Harris, Darcy Love (2), Barbara Schneider, above. 

And also:


From another angle, adding Katherine Sylvan, and out front, my "Mended" piece.



"Mended" again, then one of Wrenn Slocum's pixilated pieces, and a corner of Susan Ettl's "The Devil's Highway"

Below, a better shot of Susan's piece. 




This is a shot of my installation of "Desert Fence."  Drat, trying to get the light right on these three pieces of cloth was a challenge unmet!