Journeys and Journeys


Inner or outer? This recently completed art quilt is called "Floating above It," inspired by the Talking Heads song "And She Was."  She is one of those inner voyagers that accompanies me through life, the one who wants to float away, leave it all behind and simply soar above it all.

The Kerr Arts and Cultural Center is sponsoring my Art Quilt Journey on November 30 -December 1, 9;30 to 4:00 each day. This is a fast and furious workshop that takes participants from a personal collection of postcards, journal entries, photographs and other memorabilia through creation of a small art quilt inspired by the collection -- you got it all: design, technique for a fused art quilt, production. The techniques are fast and easy to accomplish, the design and thought-process is really the meat of this workshop. I've taught it several times and the outcomes are always exciting and different. Sometimes people come with inner journeys in mind, sometimes it's a chance to turn that vacation of a lifetime into a unique and beautiful wall piece. We've made journal quilts and Christmas gifts, wonderful nostalgic works and pieces that sing a song completely new.

If you or any of your friends live in the Kerrville area -- or you'd like a weekend outing to this beautiful part of the world, contact the center for registration.