By no stretch of imagination can my work be called "simple," except perhaps in the -minded, sense of the word. No, I obviously, and sometimes regrettably, come from the  more is better, and even more sometimes school of work.

But, yes, some things about me are plainly simple: my haircut. for one.


And, in my ongoing search for business models and methods, organizational solutions that will work for me, I came across two  fascinating blogs from designer and author John Maeda: Simplicity and The Laws of Simplicity. Number one: "The simplist way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction" can certainly serve as a mantra for the desk pile clearing now in progress (or at least in process).

I promptly ordered Maeda's book The Laws of Simplicity and subscribed to both blogs, and suggest you take a look, too. A few pull quotes here can't do justice to the the rich subject matter and amazing links. (Be sure to go to the website for the Korean incubator art/craft marketplace Ssamziegil --Yes, I know it's in Korean, who needs common language!)

Here's the sidebar summary from Maeda's Laws of Simplicity: