Rebirth and Renewal

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Before and After.

Easter weekend at El Ceilo came with a layer of ice -- sleet piled up on all the new spring growth, swirled around the deck, turned the cedars once more into a sparkling magical forest. Since our last freeze date around here is supposed to be March 15 or so, it was a big shock to the system. But, now that the weather has gentled again, it appears that only the basil may have suffered freeze damage. The ground must have been warm enough to protect most everything else.

This kind of ground-up protection seems to operate at a soul level, too. Some of my protective, powerful inner archetypes -- even rather bratty ones like Miss Priss, or the rather terrifying Dragon Lady Crone -- provide that kind of earth-tied protection when the icy winds blow and unexpected sleet pours onto tender growth.

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Bobbe Nolan ironing, Donna LaMonico in process, Cher Solis and Mary Ellen Hardy finding fabrics. 

During the weekend's Calling All Archetypes workshop/retreat, we pondered, shared, and meditated, took work into new directions, made rebirth a theme and recovery the starting place for art quilts. Some of the archetypes who appeared were rather frightening, others made welcome appearances from earlier lives. Working from resources and exercises from Women Who Run with The Wolves, The Vein of Gold, and Sacred Contracts, each of the participants left with a project in tow -- and material for more. Although the weather was hardly the springtime exuberance that I had anticipated (no walks, no outdoor picnics), the fireplace was cosy and a couple of us even made it out to the hottub, until the sleet started raining down on our heads. The trip into Bandera for the Courthouse lawn Sunrise Service was canceled but I think we all had a sense of spirit, of celebration of Christ's rebirth, as we allowed ourselves time to reflect on our own journeys as women and artists.

Technically speaking, I showed newcomers to printing how to make a thermofax, and also demonstrated printing with water soluble crayons using gel medium, a technique that allows for wonderful spontaneity of drawing, and adds its own interesting twist as the colors dissolve and blend as one prints repeats. This little Easter image shows how the colors morph and blend, with each print changing as you work your way across the fabric.

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