Sweating out the Brochure

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ONE POINT FIVE days, about 8 hours longer than I expected, and my new workshop brochure is ready for a final edit (and reader feedback). Funny how those spelling mishaps and grammatical wierdnesses sneak in after hours and hours of careful plucking away. If you have suggestions that would make this a better document, let me know, too. Part and parcel of the time it took to do this was getting my feet wet in Pages, part of iLife -- a publishing program that I am sure will be easier to use than my old Pagemaker software, no longer updateable or workable with OSX. Keeping up with technology seems to be a neverending task, and one I actually enjoy. But, the learning curse (better than curve, right?) is still steep and fraught with bad language.

I am also testing some new link technology stuff that allows public access to certain pages of my Backpack. So, if you would like to try this out with me, click on this link and see if it happens for you. You may need to register a free account, but I promise they promise me not to spam you. If it opens, then click on the thumbnails of the borchure images. Can you read the text? I will probably just produce a web-based version of this or see if it publishes into something html friendly.

By the way, Backpack is a handy web-based storage/organizational/sharing site that I use to store information and keep records on a remote server, so that if I ever lose my harddrive and backup (AGAIN, AT THE SAME TIME) at least I will have the important at-the-moment project information somewhere accessible.

Of course, I will also put the final version, once comments and corrections are made, on my sidebar on this site, where you can find it anytime!