Would you just like a list of all that we have eaten?

The full report must wait until I can upload photos and use a keyboard that has a familiar ching ching to it. However, let this be a warning to you all.  I am now working on a fiber arts Italian adventure for next year. It will begin in Florence and proceed to Selva, a Tuscan home and studio deep in the woods of a 1000 acre estate near Lucca. We will see silks and cashmere goats, weaving and dyeing, and do our own work (as well as cooking classes) in the kitchen studio.

Foods to consider: bread soup and bread salad, bufalo mozzerella (forget everything you thought you knew about the cheese), gelati in all imaginable flavors, buttery lettuce and tomatoes shaped like the duomo, chocolate bars by the Bolognese Majana, lasagna from the street corner cafe, eggs with yolks as orange as saffron.

And that was I think day one.