$60 Trip to Paris


How to share the journey? How to linger in the images? Bask in the afterglow?

Keeping a journal on trips is a longstanding habit and ritual. The oldest one in my collection dates from sometime in the 1960s (when I get home from my current teaching gig in Kingsville, I'll post a sample page), and  I filled another nice fat book on this three week-plus trip to Italy. And I came home with more than 600 photos on my digital camera. My plan is to share -- over the next month -- the inspirations, the landscapes, the  flavors and vistas both from my journal and from my photo files. And, please note, this online journaling is at its heart a way for me to keep the journey going a little bit longer.

Jumping into work the day after a grueling return trip (bad layover to begin with, delayed by 4 hours because of Midwest thunderstorms, lost luggage) I am still trying to catch my breath. This dream of a lifetime trip almost seems to have evaporated overnight. So, indulge me as I return via picture, day by day, room by room, train ticket by train ticket.


Of course, I'll weave in the present tense, too. I'm certain that June at home will have its own savory moments. But perhaps not so savory as the $60 trip to Paris. The enroute trans-Atlantic leg was also delayed by thunderstorms. We ended up with vouchers for hotel meals and little cubicals in Orsee near the airport. Jumping into a cab, we took a whirlwind trip around the landmark sites of Paris, a first for Linda, and even though I had been to Paris a few decades ago, I'd never seen it this way. Sure, it cost each of the three passengers $60, but I doubt I'll get to Paris that cheaply again!



 (P.S. I promise not to post all 600+ pictures.)