Burning Woman Workshop


The summer at El Cielo has been unusually wet and cool for Texas, but, we're getting steamy and I suspect that drier weather is upon the proverbial doorstep. Last year I launched the first Burning Woman workshop, with a slight nod to the Burning Man event of the Southwestern desert, and a more-than-slight wink at the ever threatening menopausal wave that haunts many of us women of a certain age. This year, I've got two Burning Women workshops scheduled -- the August event is completely booked, and I hope to find a few more adventurous souls for the July 28-29 event.

Like last year, we'll be exploring the role of passion, heat and inner fire in our work, whether its in fiber or another media, though the techniques will focus on fiber/ mixed media tools and materials, the heart work comes from whatever lights your switch. Each event is a little different, since to keep these home studio workshops fresh for myself -- and since each one is limited to 6 to 8 participants, an intimate number -- it seems right to make each one as special and unique as possible.


This one comes at a good time for me, because I'm finding it difficult to get the heat off of my skin and into my work right now. Perhaps the fires are a bit banked after the long absence from the studio, or maybe its just part of the natural ebb and flow that comes with creative work, but I am ready to feel a little more passionate about what I put my hands to. Though I put these workshop events together for others, and certainly feel I have some experience to bring to the participants, the chosen topic often seems to turn up just what I need at a certain time -- even though the calendar was planned months ago. As I research, design and try out the processes and techniques, the writing exercises, the stillness and the action that feed each other, I usually get my next right action. I think it has something to do with focus and motion, pulling the bowstring and putting my eye against the arrow shaft.

So, here's a little more about the workshop. If you are interested in attending, leave a comment or email me directly.  If you come back later, the brochure should be posted on the workshop link on the righthand sidebar.


Burning Woman Workshop
July 28-29, 2007
Saturday , 10:00 am through Sunday, 3:30 p
For women artists only.

Are you burning with a desire to make art, only to find it smothered or smoldering? Or are you finding burn-out to be a challenge in your life at work or at home? Do you even know your is your heart's most passionate creative desire? Can you remember when you last let art-making take charge of your time and energy? Maybe you just need to fan the flame a little?


Where ever you find yourself on the farenheit scale of creativity, take the time at this retreat to channel that inner fire into creative expression and explore the relationship of passion, energy and desire to art and art-making. Participants will be engaged in a life-affirming series of exercises, meditations, rituals and art-making in a variety of simple media, including fiber, paper, paint and dye.

Rustedfabric.JPGWe will practice sun-printing, burning and rusting on fabric and other surfaces; explore microwave dyeing and sun-batched color on cloth. But even if your discipline is other than textiles, you will find renewed energy from this focus on creative passion as we create rituals and light bonfires to keep our inner vision burning bright.


Participants will also enjoy the pool. hot tub, walks along Hill Country roads and trails in the area surrounding El Cielo Studios. The airconditioned studio, located next to Susie's home, offers 1200 square feet of work space, as well as room to spread out under the oaks and on the deck overlooking a 20-mile view into the Texas Hill Country. come dressed for the weather, for swimming, for outdoor explorations. Accommodations are available in the house and studio for a modest fee, and all meals except for your Saturday sack lunch are included. Most supplies are included in the tuition, as well.

Fee: $150, accommodations $15-$30, depending on room. El Cielo Studio is located about 1 hour north of downtown San Antonio. For artists coming from afar, rooms are available before and after the workshop on premises or  I can make arrangements for you at a downtown or near-airport motel or hotel. Or book a stay into one of nearby Bandera's dude ranches for a true Texas getaway! Email me directly at susie monday @ sbcglobal .net. (Remove spaces to send email.)