Take a look at the promotional materials for INDIE Arts October 1 release. That's the next issue of this year old dvd-format arts magazine, and one that I think needs to find a space on every artist's video shelf -- and not just 'cause I'm a featured interviewee in this next issue. (One of two artists being interviewed about creativity, and the other is Nick Bantock, author and mixed media artist of Griffin and Sabine fame. ie hot company, my dears.)


No, really, this dvd series does the trick when I need a dose of real artists doing real work and facing the same studio gremlins that get my goat, surf my moat, steal my thunder, run me amok, undo my confidence and make me wonder why I don't have a nice corporate job with benefits and retirement. You get the picture.


I like to watch INDIE Arts as I do routine studio roundup -- it's yet another helpful strategy for getting me into the studio and onto work (and actually beats out reruns of Project Runway on the useful media scale). IN addition to the features with artists, the video magazine also includes good sources from art support folks -- coaches, (like this issue's Jennifer Louden), gallery owners, suppliers, etc. Many of the artists featured during this past year have been fiber and mixed media artists, too. In this publication "we" aren't a second tier group.

Here's what the publisher says about INDIE Arts:



In the spirit of the independent film genre, Indie Arts Productions creates a visual adventure in every issue and you are invited to join us.

This “magazine” is a cross between TV shows, home movies, slide shows, documentaries and DVD movies. The DVD advantage is that you can sit back, relax and watch it on your TV or DVD drive on your computer. will add another dimension by providing the information you need to preview current and upcoming issues, submit artwork, subscribe, read interesting related articles and connect with the featured artists and other networking possibilities. The website will be an evolving forum and you are invited to make yourself at home here.

INDIE ARTS: the adventure begins!