Burning in the Deluge


One of Adrian Highsmith's microwave-assisted dyed silks 

The rain was at least intermittent, with steady downpour much of Saturday, but we Burning Women persisted amid self-generated heat, art-induced passionate discussion, and even a bonfire, sending into smoke those things that stand Burngroup.jpgbetween us and our creative dreams.

Since I am at least three-blogs-in-my-mind late with this post, I'll simply document the event with a few pictures. Among the activities: rusting (slow burn), microwave-assisted dyeing, encaustic on canvas panels, a feeble attempt at sunprinting using textile paints, designs inspired by hot topics and themes, and, of course, a good deal of devilish food, soaking in the hot tub and even a bit of sunset-tinted sky.

This workshop repeats at the end of July, and I am looking forward to tweaking some of the schedule, improving my supply selections, and hopefully even having sun available for a few more ideas.



Diane Sandlin and Donna LoMonaco work on encaustic panels. 


Another of Adrian's -- can you believe this is Havana Brown?
 Fabric in process by Suzanne Cooke- rusted and printed