Independent Study


From a previous workshop -- Text on the Surface -- at the Navarro Campus

The enrollment just made: my independent study course at the Southwest School of Art and Craft will start Thursday. There's rooom for 3 more students -- and this is a 'design-it-yourself" opportunity, within the great facilities of the school's Navarro campus. Since the group is so small, I will even consider "newbies,"  and provide you with a hands-on primer through surface design. My plan is to spend 20 minutes or so each class with a demo of a new surface design technique or approach that's come to my attention: soy wax, rusting, stitch embellishment are three topics I've already fixed on. Here's what's in the catalog. You can register online at


2605 | Independent Projects for Surface Design

  Susie Monday
  Thu, Sep 27 - Nov 15 | 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  Surface Design Studio | Navarro
  Tuition: $210  |  Membership: $195
  Take advantage of the Design Studio's excellent facilities and the instructor's deep knowledge in a class that you design for yourself. Each student-artist will develop a plan of action and personal goals, and will receive active guidance in technical and aesthetic decisions. Tuition covers basic chemicals and studio tools, but students will purchase their own dyes, paints, fabric and other necessary supplies. Some supplies will be available for purchase. Prerequisite: Previous experience with Procion dyes and surface design of fabric.  (Or permission from the instructor, hereby granted)
  Enrollment is limited to 8 participants.