Guadalupe/Tonantzin 2


Sewing, sewing, sewing. Finally. Yes, I REALLY should be doing something far more nurdish, like balancing my checkbook and putting together a budget for the month, BUT.

Instead, I finished a commission piece that is past due, and I am sure the buyer will be happy that the process we started on at the beginning of the summer is coming 'round at last. First, she wanted a piece I had completed, but it was too large for the space. I promised this #2 and it's taken me all summer to make it work. I think I like it; I hope she will. While I wanted to make a piece that was quite similar in color and imagery, it's hard sometimes to change scale and have the composition work as well. This is same and different. See what you think:

Tonantzin.jpg Here'e the first, larger piece; #2 is at the top of this post.

Both pieces are inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe and her predecessor Tonantzin, the Corn Goddess of the Aztec people. Our Lady appeared on the site of Tonantzin's holiest temple, and the comfort she offered the natives of Mexico took shape, form and energy from Tonantzin's presence and abundance.

I've actually had two inquiries this week for other work, and while that's exciting, I also feel a few new knots in my gut. But, here's to stepping out into the unknown. May both Ladies smoooth the path, watch my back and keep me on the right road.