StumbleUpon Rewards

StumbleUpon is my daily reward of choice lately for certain tasks, doing things I ought to but don't, the inevitable shoulds that creep into the schedule. The whole concept of behavior changing by incremental baby steps relies on daily rewards, and I find that my inner 7-year-old (or maybe its the inner 12-year-old) really needs them.

I've been reminded of the power of little steps and little rewards by picking up Martha Beck's The Four Day Win. It's a non-diet diet book (something calling to me as some one who lives in my clothes is finding them way too tight). Food is not one of my major issues, but I think most American woman over a certain age find the inevitable battle going on between the desire to eat everything yummy in sight and a rather realistic concern over health, if not appearance (of course, not me, never, I really don't...)

So, past the dietary sidebar, the real purpose of this post is to reccommend Stumble Upon as a lovely timewaster. Download the little desktop toolbar widget (mine's on Firefox) and you'll have this toy at easy hand. Click on StumbleUpon and you get a random web page that has been reccommended to Stumbleupon by at least one other human webbrowsing person. (we think they are human, anyway.) You can get to StumbleUpon by clicking the big logo above, register and enjoy.

P.S. You can review my blog on StumbleUpon by clicking on the logo on the righthand sidebar. You'll also find some of the sites I've liked on my elcielo page. (Commercial announcement)

P.P.S. Here's the Amazon link to the Beck book: (another commercial announcement).

The Four-Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace