Yikes. Where I've been in cyberspace

No posting for two weeks, that's a sad state of affairs. But, I've been busy in another sector of cyberspace (among about a million other things including parties, memorial services, outings, FASA's Holiday Sale -- but that's enough about me, how about you this time of year? - I thought so).

So, take a look at the new New World Kids site, not quite up and running and taking orders, but on its way. We'll have the books in hand (or at least in the Austin warehouse) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, assuming all goes as planned. By then, we'll have a Paypal link so you can order at the site (and here on this one, too).

Please take a look and see what else you'd like to see on the site. We have some free downloadable excerpts we plan to add, and a few other ideas in store as well. But, in order to quiet the fears that I have dropped off the face of the ether, here's a slightly premature link to New World Kids.


I'm still tinkering with the New World Kids site and don't have an order form enabled yet -- promise, it's coming soon. There is also a PayPal link coming to my sidebar, but PLEASE hold off a few days, as the shipping and tax aren't quite all right yet. I'm peddling as fast as I can. NOTE TO SELF: e-commerce has its challenges. Take time. Breathe.