Show and Sell


 Overheard in the gallery: talk about Obama and Hillary pro and con, con and pro; spaceships in Stephenville; clothes trades and recycling; stories about Hipp's Bubble Room  (home of the Shypoke Egg, everlasting Christmas and the tiny train around the room that closed in 1980), and all the other things that artists and art-lovers like to talk about in such energetic settings.


Here we are (well, as soon as I get my photos downloaded from the phone and uploaded to the blog, here we are) at Joan Grona Gallery at Blue Star, showing our stuff, selling our wares. This little two-day artist fair was organized by my friend Gene Elder. While the attendance was sporadic, the company was delightful and we had fun, as artists do, oohing and ahhing over each other's latest products. Joan was a gracious host to all the frivolity, allowing her upscale serious gallery to take on the temporary air of a gypsy fair with everything from beads to found treasures, paper collage, plastic burgers, pitchers of beer (the aforementioned Hipp's Bubble Room installation), et al.


The show concludes tomorrow (Friday) after another 11 am - 6 pm session, so hurry on down if you are in the San Antonio area. And while you are at Blue Star, stop in to see the art cloth exhibit at StoneMetal Press gallery, too.