Hearts and Journals


Button, button, whose got the button? I've been making these little stuffed heart milagros, embellished with vintage buttons. The ones I'm using were gifts from my friend Zet, and a few others that I've picked up  and stashed away. But now I need more, since I want to sell these at the Love and IndepenDance sale coming up at Joan Grona gallery on February 21 and 22. I did have them (as well as some art cloth journal covers) for sale at the Federation conference -- a last-minute sales idea that recovered the cost of my room and meals on the road! ($22.00.)

Coincidentally, Linda's niece sent me a link today to this Austin artist Malka Dubrawski  and one of her posts (see January 3) showed the buttons she had bought at a nearby junk and treasure's shop. I am jealous, so I guess it might be time to look locally for some junky shops -- buttons are rarely available at my usual thrift store haunts. So, dear readers, if you know of some shops for me to check, please leave a comment. Or better yet, send me 20 buttons and I will send you a heart!


Here are a few of the journal covers:

books.JPG    books2.jpg