Altars for Archetypes


Julia stitches on her altar. 

Some powerful images were birthed at the weekend retreat. I have had promises from all to send me pictures of the finished altars, but these in-progress shots should give you an idea of day 2 in the studio. Day 1 was devoted to a series of exercises, and one of my favorites was this one from a book by Evelyn Virshup, Right Brain People in a Left Brain World (actually I found it quoted in a section of Eric Maisel's Creativity for Life).

 I reccommend you try  part one of this exercise before reading part 2 (at the bottom of the photos).

Part 1:

"Create two animals on one piece of paper. They don't have to look like anything you've ever seen.Take about 10 minutes to do the drawing. 


Julia's altar. 

Marthaarch.JPG    Suearch.JPG 

Martha and Sue, in progress



Margaret, above, Pat and Julia, at work. 

 Part 2:

"Describe the animals. Write down three adjectives that describe them.  Note the animals' expressions. Can you make up something the animals might want to say to each other? Can you write free verse or fantasy about what the animals say or do?

"The second animal often has qualities that contrast to those of the first animal. The exercise generally reveals polarities, contrasts or conflicts within a person; it will show different, sometimes opposing facets of personality...Observe and learn from the fantasy animals you've created."