All Flocked Up

Get Flocked

One of my other odd-bin archetypes is surely the geeky techie one. So, if this archetype is anathema to you, just skip this post and come back when the fiber artist is in charge. Geeky Tech (or is it Techy Geek?) has been playing with a new browser -- Flock. (This is the new browser reccommended by Ed Dale, whose 30-day challenge --to make one's first $1 on the internet--is on my agenda for August.) Like Firefox, it puts a lot of tools and interactive media instantly in place on a customizable browser home page and has some nifty sidebars and toolbars that make all kinds of tasks instant and easy. I think most people are using it who want all their social networking sites easily accessible. Here's an industry take on the Flock browser from Technology Today.

So far, I like Flock a lot. If you have accounts with several web 2.0 sites and social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc, Flock puts them all in easy to access reach on the desktop, and combines all your "friend" lists on a live action sidebar so you can easily keep up with the conversation -- and probably figure out more easily who you don't want to listen to!

Now if all of this sounds like gobbledygook to you, but you are still reading because some little inner archetype is actually a cousin to Techy Geek, I reccomend the videos at Common Craft. I'll embed their "social networking" explanation here, but if you go to the home page, you'll find similar simple videos that explain blogging, rss,  and other web phenomena.