Eames Stamps


Alert from Alyson Stanfield, Charles and Ray Eames are featured on some new commemorative stamps.

Ray Eames worked with Learning About Learning Educational Foundation and was a supporter of our programs there -- she helped us get Gregory Peck to narrate a short film about our work. Her design projects with Charles and their team have always served as a wonderful model of collaborative creativity. And, for a cosmic reminder of our place in the universe, there is no better message than Powers of Ten, the Eames short filmic journey in and out of the cosmos.

One thing I remember and admired about Ray was her uniform. She wore a simple dress day in and day out, made up for her with various plain fabrics and in a distinctive style. She had opted out of "fashion," and found something that took that daily decision -- and all the thinking, shopping, planning that can go into appearance -- off the radar. I fear I like diversity too much (can't even seem to keep my hair the same color for very long) but I admire the impulse to pare things down to what's important, to make time for creativity over consume-ativity.

Seems to me, as I face this week's long list of "to do," that perhaps my life needs a little paring down. OK, Give up complaining, that's a no-brainer.