Art Quilts by the Sea

Rockport, Texas is a bayside town with a reputation for artful activity -- lots of galleries, art events and an active community of local artists. Saturday at 4:30 pm I'll be presenting an artist's talk in the Garden Gallery of the Rockport Center for the Arts, that's where my small solo exhibit of (mostly) new work is on display through the end of August.

I'll also be teaching a Color Workshop in CalAllen -- another small town near Corpus Christi. With 22 registered, its one of the larger workshops I've taught! We'll be playing with the color wheel, dye, paper, paint and trying to find color palettes for each person to stretch their imaginations while holding personal meaning.

I'm behind on blog posts this week -- simply too much going on! But several folks have promised to send me photos of the New Braunfels exhibit, and, from all reports, the show there is getting good traffic and lots of buzz. People are still amazed to find out that many fiber and textile artist start out with white cloth and end up with incredible one-of-a-kind garments, quilts, wall art and applique work.