State of Arts Ed in SA


Here's the latest correspondence we've received from the San Antonio Arts Education Task Force. Hopefully this will move the organization and the city forward!

This past fall, at the behest of the Office of Cultural Affairs, Paula Owen, Jon Hinojosa and I attended a conference sponsored by Americans for the Arts titled, “Knowledge Exchange: District-Wide Change in Arts Education.” The conference shared the impact and success of “Arts for All” an arts education blueprint for the Los Angeles County region. The program in Los Angeles has been so successful, that we came back determined that it was a great model to learn from and potentially replicate. The SAAETF has done some good work and now is a good time to reconnect and move forward with a new focused direction and leadership. We have been informally discussing the logistics of how we can begin to reconvene and begin this important and rewarding endeavor.

The Office of Cultural Affairs is moving forward with an RFP process to find a non-profit organization that will be the fiscal agent responsible for the hiring of a full time Project Director. This individual will help us all create our own arts education blue print for San Antonio. Once the Project Director is selected, we will set a date for the SAAETF membership to re-connect and discuss our role to assist in strengthening the arts for all children in San Antonio.

I appreciate your patience and look forward to your support!

Isabel Romero

Fine Arts Teacher Specialist for Theatre and Art


As a arts-in-ed professional, I know the need, the value and something of the politics of the business. I enjoy the occassional forays I make as a consultant back into the world of formal and informal  K-12 education, so it's with interest that I explored the LA county blueprint. Anyone out there in LA county had experience or interaction with this program?