A Letter from the Lake

Hi Susie and Julia:

 Just wanted to send out a quick note to thank you so much for choosing Villa

Sumaya for your 3 day respite after your long tour of central america and

all your good works.  I'm sending along another big thank you for the

recycled dresses - the girls just loved them and Celine will take the one

she is wearing in the picture to school tomorrow so that she can share it

with her school mates and teachers.  It's really a very cute dress and I am

considering copying the style as both girls loved it.  Unfortunately it's a

little itchy but it's a great example of creative mind at work and when the

girls are done enjoying them we will donate them to the Pacha Mama program

that has a massive recyling program around the lake so that they can use

them as examples of what can be done with a bit of refuse.


I also wanted to let you know that we were delighted to know about the

baking soda as a fixative as we did run out of soda ash and were able to

substitute the baking soda.  So again we thank you and hope to stay in touch

and look forward to all that may come.  I'll ask Lizzy to send you our group

package so that you can keep in mind the possibility of bringing little

groupitos here one day.  We'd love to share our paradise with you.


Wishing you all the very best,  love, Wendy