The Wilderness Downtown


Sometimes a new media trinket comes along that makes me think. The Wilderness Downtown (came out this summer I think) is a Chrome Experiment (built for and on Google's Chrome browser) that is worth watching. It's a little interactive music video that I found touching and effective -- each viewer who plays the film with his or her address as a defining element will have, I suspect, a similar reaction -- so its both universal and specific, like all good "literature" or art. Don't we all strive to make art that touches our audience in such a way -- both with a personal zip or dash or stroke or zing or arrow to the heart, as well as a recognition of the universal message that is part of the experience. Here the makers have included a music video with several interactive components. (Some of which I get and some I didn't, like the postcard you might or might not find that you respond to or not).

I've included here, as well, a link to "my " film -- I'd love to see your's, too, so post the link in the comments field if you are willing to share it. 

As to the requirement to download the GOOGLE browser for the film to work -- well, I did so somewhat reluctantly, being perfectly comfortable with Firefox thank you, and to my surprise find that I am a total Chrome convert. I LOVE the home screen that includes 8 of my "most used" webpages in visual icons. And although I have not begun to explore all the bells and whistles, I really like the interface and find the tools useful, intuitive and fun. So, if you have a bit of time to get it, don't think that's the end of the story.