Complex Cloth Mastery Class

Jane Dunnewold is sending information about the 2011 Mastery Class to those who inquire. To see work (and read a bit) about the 2007 class and their exhibit, head to this blog site (it's another great artist's date!) and see the rest of the photos. This shot above is from the blog.

To get information about the course write Jane directly at dunnewoldj  "at symbol"

I know the course involves several years of work, but everyone I know who has embarked on this journey has found it an incredible experience. Here's what Jane said about that original exhibit: (The course requirements may have changed, I don't know for sure)

The artwork was created by the participants in the 2 1/2 year Mastery
Program. Students come to San Antonio for five six-day sessions over
that time period and we cover all of the basics to become a master at
the layering process with wet media. There is also a concentration on
color and one on design. By the time they got to the exhibition stage,
they were really ready to fly on their own, as you can see. That's part
of the reason I wanted to share their work - it was a really good
exhibition, and they worked so hard I feel they deserve to be
recognized! ...