Rainbow Printing for Free Download

I'm off to the CREATE mixed media retreat at Chicago/O'Hare and the good news is, I found the pdf for my rainbow printing handout that's been lost in inner space here on the Susie Monday macintosh! I'm sending it upstairs to the cloud for access, so if you've been wanting this handout (it's not  as complete and as multimedia as the info I'll be sharing in the course, of course, but it will get you started I think!)

In order to download the three page document (the last page is just a schedule of how the workshop is structured) please to go to my public document folder at me.com

I have been advised that some browsers don't like the me site, use Firefox or Safari if you can! Otherwise, email me through the contact form and I will send an email copy to you. (I have tried a new non-compressed document, so this may work for you!)

If you can't make the link above work, try pasting this direct url into your browser: