Creating in Chicago at CREATE

What was most fun ? Teaching, yes, then the great paint-a-thon with Leslie Jenison and Jamie Fingal (Dinner at Eight artists). Pics below of all the activities. (Next post, adventrues inside the Loop.) I'll add names later, my notes are buried in the suitcase. But All of the Artists did great work as you can see. Thanks to all of them for their work, creativity and willingness to learn a new skill - - and to haul all the big supplies needed!


Aren't these fabulous pieces of fabric? They are all water soluble media with silkscreening medium on paper or fabric, with stencils, drawings by the artists. We spent the day exploring and experimenting and getting everyone past a "fear of the screen." Apparently, that's a big one. NO NO, do not be afraid. Here's my DVD of the process in this workshop from Interweave Press --

Marilyn C. from Canada made some wonderful layered pieces.


Judy L. with one of hers. Look carefully for the bird shapes.


Mary Ann worked on fabric and paper and did some sophisticated abstracts to use in her mixed media work.


Fran played around with a lot of textures and layering

Francine (Fran 2) said this was her favorite of all, made with tape resist on the screen.

More after hours: Jamie Fingal, Leslie Jenison and Judy Coates Perez at the instructors' reception:

Artist Natalya Aikens was also in the workshop led by Jamie and Leslie. She's drying our big collaborative canvas. We all took home pieces of two canvases, ready to work into other art inventions.