Loving It Big City


A Labor Day outing to Houston has proved to be  qn unusual and wonderous blend of image, taste, sound and fizz. We've been dog and cat sitters at a friend's house in the Montrose, so the everything in the inner loop -- musuems, music and more --  has been easy and accessible. The home of our friends makes a luxury hotel room look like a seedy second choice. Pool, kitchen, art and fabulous architecture have given us a home away from home without exception.

Amazing ancient textiles, mummies and incredible coffins shaped like boats were centerpieces in the Silk Road exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. The brocades and tapestry weavings were delicate and preserved by the dessert climate where they had been entombed -- colors still discernable after nearly 2000 years. The older tombs and mummies were hauntingly beautiful, speaking to us across nearly 4000 years of the lives and times of these families of traders and trade route merchants.

More to come later -- this post is interupted by yet another call to travel -- up to the Woodlands for dinner tonight.