Fabulous Jalapeños


And now for something completely different. Candied Jalapeños are one of my go-to treats-- hot, sweet, pickled. A small jar will find its way into many of my family members' and friends' Christmas stockings. These treats could not be easier to make; in fact, the small jars for repackaging cost as much or more than the interior goodies!

 This recipe is originally from allrecipes.com. and I've copied it into this post.

  • 1 gallon diced jalapeno peppers
  • 5 pounds white sugar
  1. Drain off enough of the juice in the jalapeno jar so that adding the sugar won't cause a spill. Pour the 5 pound bag into the jar and seal tightly. Let jar sit for at least one week to mix flavors; flip the jar daily to blend.

My Costco sells pickles not in gallon jars but in 100 oz. jars. Doing the math, I added 7.5 cups of sugar. It only took a couple of days of turningthe jar for all the sugar to be dissolved. I waited about a week to eat them. Some possibilities. Add a slice to the top of homemade pimento cheese on a whole grain cracker. Pour a 1/2 cup including juice over the top of a block of cream cheese or a log of soft goat cheese. Serve with crisp crackers or buttered toast points.

I repack the pickles in sterilized jars. 

If you want the pickled jalapenos to be food-safe outside of the fridge (I usually just put a "keep refridged" note on the jar) but you can process the jalapenos in a boiling water bath for 5 minutes (small jars) or 10 for larger pint sized jars.