Happy Birthday to Me ...and thanks to all who make it possible

Yes, you, my friends, my family and readers and supporters and sister/fellow artists. Without the support and encouragement of all of you, my life would be far less than what it is. I am fortunate to spend my time in work and play that I am passionate about, intrigued by, immersed in and always learning from. I am grateful for those who sign up and pay for workshops, who buy my art, who find and help me with other gainful employment, always creatively challenging. And for those who read and comment and make my day by passing along a blog post or two.

Today I am spending the day in my usual dance of work and play, making a few phone calls to set up projects (the latest non-art gig is to develop a curriculum for Villa Finale, a National Trust for Historic Preservation property), spending some in the world out there via internet and working on a new quilt design. It is incredibly difficult to realize that I have been on this earth for 63 years -- I still seem to spend most of the time looking out from a 7- or 12- or 28- or 35-year-old brain. Somehow I seem to be all those ages, plus more, all at once.

We spent the Easter weekend with family, my parents in their mid-80s, a whole raft of nieces, nephews and cousins of nieces and nephew, a feast of many hands, a spring (albeit too dry) afternoon with blessings for us all. 

Here's to staying healthy, happy, thankful and playful, and I hope you all join me in a toast to life today and every day. Poetry, welcome.