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I've just added 99% to my Flipboard ( if you have an iPad or tablet, you need the ap). Here's just one of nine interviews that I am pondering today. 

9 Awesome Interviews with Creative Visionaries


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6. Arianna Huffinigton & Tina Brown, Publishers
Two of the prime movers in the online publishing world, Ari an na Huff in g ton and Tina Brown, founders of the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast, chat about coming of age as editors

Interview er: You've both been subjected to bad press along the way. How have you handled it?

Huffington: I definitely consider it a barometer of my spiritual progress how I handle it. I don't like the idea of a thick skin. I think we can be more child like. Children get upset and they cry and it's over; six seconds later, it's like nothing happened. That is my aspiration.

Brown: I much less care about it than I used to. I went through Talk magazine, and once you've been pilloried on the front page of the New York Post, you do go through a kind of liberation. I took a huge belly flop in a very public fashion. After that, it was like, "So what? It wasn't so bad. I'm still here." It was probably the happiest couple of years of my life after that, suddenly having permission to meet my daughter at school and go and see a friend in the hospital. When I did the Beast, it was really for fun, and I wasn't sitting there worrying about it. [Bad press] can ruin an hour of your morn ing - but I haven't had that expe ri ence for a while, actually. I don't have a Google alert [for myself]; I don't care enough [laughs].

Huff in g ton: That's probably the most important mes sage that we can give to younger women. I constantly talk to my daugh ters about my failures. publiishers. Because in the end, if you look at what makes people succeed, especially women, it's about not giving up.

Brown: You know, a friend of mine has a great saying: There's nobody more boring than the undefeated [laughs]. Any big career will have bad times as well as good. I'm sure, Arianna, your blacker periods have really been a source of learning