Journaling a New Year

Here's what I've decided: (if you care!)

Make 4 Mixels collages and 3 paper collages a week. Print out the Mixels. Keep them all in a sketchbook. Make the themes important to me, or funny, or random. Just try a one a day thing. Or sit down and do them all at once. Write when I want to.

Another goal: Buy a stylus and try that with the iPad.

Why all the tech? I've proposed a lecture and workshop for next year's International Quilt Festival in Houston about Apps for smart phones and tablets as tools for quilters and mixed media artists. It may not get on the docket but I want to be ready if it does!

On the pragmatic side of things, I am also doing a food diary and exercise log, per my trainer's reccommendations. I'm using a free and very good app called My Fitness Pal. The reason is not completely un-art related-- We are getting in shape for a 100 km walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in May. And that I am sure will inspire a whole lot of artful thinking, doing and making. we'll only walk about 10 to 15 km a day but I know from a walk we did in Ireland about 10 years ago, that the joints appreciate less weight on them.