New Book: Texas Museum of Fiber Artists


And "I'm" on the cover. The agave detail (second row, third image from left) is from my FAITH IS A LAW art quilt that was part of the IQF exhibit last year on Text on Textiles. Then it was part of the Texas Fiber Art Exhibit last year, thus the inclusion in this catalog. I also have some other work in the book, compiled from the previous exhibits.


TMFA Fiber Arts Book Order Form

Name or company purchasing ________________________________________________________________________________

If gift: shipped to__________________________________________________________________________________________

Shipping address __________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________ State ___________ Zip___________

Quantity_________________ x $40.00 plus tax $3.30 plus shipping and handling $6.70 TOTAL

$50.00 per book

Multiple quantity sales and wholesale accounts invoiced with calculated shipping and handling.


And, speaking of which text-type topic,  brings us to my upcoming Joggles class on the same topic. You can get details HERE if you are interested in trying my very first "real" online class. I'm sure we will all learn a great deal!