España en la mañana (almost)

We are off to Spain, with family and friends entrenched at home for dog , cat and bird duties. Even that will be a vacation in itself. I am giddy with the travel bug and have plans to keep my travel journal this year online, a big and different step, but one I think I'm ready for.

In the past I have taken a small, but substantial bag of art supplies and a blank sketchbook; this year I am taking an iPad. An adventure in itself. In case you want to peek at my tools, I am going to use PAPER 53, a sort of free app (you really need to buy the $8 worth of expanded tools to make it worth while) Max journal, a really nice interface for a diary format, easy to add photos, download,etc; and a slew of photo and drawing apps, I will try to keep notes on the tools I use and how I find them, but my focus will be on the travel experiences and how they give me ideas and inspiration for art work when I get back home.

I thought about taking a back up stash or "real" art supplies, but figure if I give myself that out, I won't really experiment with the digital ones now available. My iPad is not G4 enabled, so I will be dependent on wifi, but, from the travel notes on the hotels and the Camino, I don't think that will be much of an issue.