Continuing the Journey

As we walk, our bodies adjust, complain, grumble, and our spirits at times weary of one or more of the rituals of the walk, or take on a complaint about the sun or wind, or the kind of path underfoot or the highway noise on a particular stretch. But as Linda reminds me, we, almost miraculously, recover with a night of sleep, renewed for the path, ready to take on patience again, ok with trying to find wi-fi only when it appears.

We've now competed 5 days of walking from 8 to 12 miles a day, more than half our journey to Santiago de Campostela. Each day has its surprises, beauties, frights, frustrations and delights, many of them culinary, I must admit. In addition to my journal and sketches, I am keeping a food of Spain journal, with images altered and original, and some sketches, too.

So, with walking, eating, sleeping we refresh and renew. At the inns we meet and talk more each night, a kind of moving feast of stories.