Backed up in the Studio


Despite the recent posts, I actually have been back at work since the first week of June. The only problem -- its not been studio work. Several left-in-the-lurch consulting jobs, the Botero workshops in the libraries, a little weeklong gig at the King Ranch, here a little, there a little.

But I finally returned to my own real true self with an indulgent all day printing session. The impetus, to finish some submissions for "Alterations," an upcoming show in Tubac, Arizona -- a benefit of my membership in Art Cloth Network, a smallish group of art cloth makers. Who knows if they'll make the jury cut (Elin Noble is our esteemed and highly respected juror), but it was a treat for me just to get back to work after a 7 week absence. No matter how great a vacation is, it does seem to put me behind the 8-ball, schedule screwed and bank account empty.

These are  rusted, discharged, screen printed installation pieces, on  crinkle cotton gauze and silk broadcloth (the red).  They stretched me  in  size and technique, and while I am frustrated at my inability to take any good pictures of the work, I am happy with the actual work -- though I can see that I have further to push it.