One for the environment

When I learned tonight through Planet Textile Threads that this was a blog action day for environmental action, i had one fast thought. As an art cloth maker and an art quilter I recycle A LOT. And right now, I am trying to reuse and use up. For every thing I don't buy, don't have shipped, don't order online or find at Office Max I save energy -- usually both mine and the world's.


Here's to you doing the same. Which may just mean using up the stash. Using the dye you have. Using the paint that has been sitting on the shelf. It is quite easy as a fiber artist to be seduced by the catalogs, by the new techniques, by the fun toys. I am certainly no saint. But, I am on a mission this month to cook up the deep freeze, go to the dyes on the shelf. shuffle some stuff out of the boxes into thrift stores for someone else's good use. Catalog and sort my piles of old table linens and send what I can out to the holiday sales. All of these are actions with environmental consequenses on the plus side of things. What else as artists can we do?