Show in Cuero


 Small tablecloth with pomegranite print. 2006

Coming up next weekend and through October :

Courtyard Gallery, Cuero, Texas

September, 2007

Fiber Art and Fashion Show
Saturday, September 29, 2007
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  

Featuring eleven top fiber artists and designers from San Antonio,
along with fused glass artist Ele Chew-Wright and Mine Creations jewelry line.
The wearable art will be seen on local ‘celebrity’ models representing
Arts, Economic Development, Education, History, Hospitality, Medicine,
Politics, Retail, and Tourism
 Reservations are recommended – seating is limited
Please call 361-275-9111 or email 
Print this page for a 10% day of show discount throughout the gallery 
Jane Bishop
In this high-tech world, Ms. Bishop revels in the process of designing and creating textiles by hand.  Her art encompasses the use of dyed cloth, stamp art, silk-screen, stencils and drawings onto natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, rayon, and hemp.  These designs are then used to adorn interesting furniture pieces, including creating a “new look” with vintage furniture.
Dorothy Crues

 Ms. Crues wields a mean set of needles – knitting needles, that is!  She traded a career as a mathematics teacher at the University of Texas San Antonio for teaching knitting.  Many of her pieces are sold in shops around the country.
Sandra Edsall
Sandy lived in many countries including Greece, Singapore, and Malaysia and was able to travel extensively, experiencing a whole new world of exotic textiles and colors.  Today, she is able to continue the creative process of designing and crafting exotic wearable art ensembles that catch the eye and retain the integrity of the original fabric and tradition.
Angela Ehrenfried
Since 1985, Ms. Ehrenfried has taken her childhood fascination with color, light, and texture and transformed that into designing and producing beautiful pieces.  This has led her in a new direction of re-conceptualizing wardrobes.
Kathy Furukawa
Ms. Furukawa has been exposed to a variety of fiber arts, including weaving, papermaking, and surface design.  Her travels to Iran, Russia, Japan, and Germany have expanded her interests in multi-cultural expressions of fiber art.  Her use of interesting materials adds innovation and whimsy to her unique items of wearable art.
Martha K. Grant
Making art through the medium of textiles synthesizes Martha’s many loves from her career in the visual arts.  It has allowed her to indulge her passion for color, calligraphy, spiritual symbols, text patterns, painting, collage, and sewing.  Her work has become a kind of prayer and has led to an eclectic search and an ever-deepening spiritual journey.
Karen Heddens
Ms. Heddens has worked as a couture clothing designer for over 25 years, designing exclusively for private clients, small boutiques, and galleries.  She concentrates on creating simple, elegant garments made of fine fabrics that feel wonderful on the body and enhance the beauty of the wearer.  Her designs are worn around the world by her loyal clientele.
Renita Kuhn

Renita’s career as a fiber artist and designer began in Sausalito in 1982. She offers professional design and limited productions of art to wear and art accessories.  She has been highly influenced by both Asian and African design concepts.
Jennifer J. Martin
Jennifer “J.J” Martin is a writer, fiber artist and photographer.  Her enjoyment of interior design drew her to explore the world of fiber art and “complex cloth.”  “Complex cloth” is how a design of depth and complexity is creating by layering surface design processes like dying, painting, bleaching and foiling over one another until a pleasant result is achieved.
Susie Monday
In addition to serving as President of the Fiber Arts of San Antonio, Susie Monday is an artist who works in fiber, creating colorful art quilts and original fabrics for use in interiors, garments and display.  She teaches at her own El Cielo Studio as well as conferences and venues across the United States.
Sherry Tolar
Retirement from the world of making whimsical ceramic jewelry for wholesale markets and catalogs didn’t last long.  Sherry is back!  Her bright, colorful, handmade ceramic beads accented with fiber, glass and semi-precious stones are all one of a kind.  Her “Wild Women and Friends” sculptures are also one of a kind - in addition to being especially fun and interesting!  They are made with terra cotta clay, embellished with colorful, hand-dyed and ethnic textiles.