Love your Inner Artist

How often we forget to feed the hand(s) (and heart) of the inner one who keeps us creating. Our inner artist is the one we hear when we haven't made it to the studio often enough. The one who comes knocking when we forget to slow down and put our hands into our favorite materials. The voice inside our head that starts whining when the well is dry.

Creativity is an activity that happens with intent, with some "new eyes' experiences, with a little bit of adventurous exploring, with some soul food that nourishes the spirit and imagination.

One way to feed your inner artist is with artist dates, as Julia Cameron styles these fill-up times in her book The Artists Way. At least once a week we need to do something intentional, often on-our-own, to bring joy and inspiration to our inner artists. INTENTIONAL is a key word. I'm sometimes tempted to look back on the week and say that sure I had an artist date, remember that movie I went to, or the 30 minutes at the used book store? Well, better than none, but best of all is making an intentional, anticipated date with your inner artist in advance, and then sticking to it. Iam going to see my friend Liz today in Kerrville for some artist inspiration and advice, and on the way I plan to stop in at one of my favorite thrift stores -- the Animal Defense shop in Boerne. Now that's an artist date. And I planned it in advance. And I will give myself a modest allowance of "blow" money so I can even do some shopping or tea sipping.

What's on your artist date calendar this week? I'd love to hear what and how you feed your inner artist and keep her (him) happy. 

AND if you are looking for a weekend-long artist date, I hope you will consider signing up for one of my next two El Cielo workshops. 


February 11-13

How do you nurture your creative self in a world that doesn’t always honor artists and artful work? This pre-Valentine’s Day workshop will provide that support while you learn more about your individual design strengths with creativity exercises, learn simple yoga and breath work, and make an artist’s altar for your studio. 


 Find color, shape, form and inspired design for new surface design tools at this spring-is-sprung weekend in the blooming Texas Hill Country. We’ll do sun prints, leaf-inspired thermofaxes and screenprinting with dye, flour paste resist and more.

Sign up early (at least 30 days in advance with a $25 deposit) for a $15 discount on the $175 fee. (Accommodations from free to $30 for both nights) Email me for details. First come/first serve -- single bedrooms are in demand! Note that some of the recent workshops have been filling early. Workshops generally start with an optional Friday night potluck and fun activity or two, then continue through 3-4 pm on Sunday afternoon. Most supplies included.


Flying or driving in from afar for one of these weekends? Or just want some solo supported work time in the studio? Add one or two days of instruction in the studio for learning techniques that you are interested in -- dyeing, screen-printing, ink-jet transfer, soy batik and more. Each custom designed workshop and night’s lodging and meals costs $225 per person. Limit, 2 artists per session.

OR Are you interested in a workshop for your guild or other group? Many of Susie’s workshops go on the road! Please write for available dates and fees.