Copper Shade Tree Gallery Opening

Just a few photos from the jam-packed opening, and the  interesting and always inspiring art from other Texas artists who participated:

Houston artist Peggy Sexton next to one wall of art -- the turquoise and yellow cactus piece is mine.


A gloomy, but still not too cool afternoon. The weather did not keep the crowds away!

This one, Agave and Madrone Leaves, is the piece I have in the show catalog -- you can buy it from Gerald and Debbie on line at the gallery site.

My large piece about the summer's drought in the middle above.

The two two orange and magenta pieces on this wall are Lisa Kerpoe's work.


Fiber Art Exhibit in Round Top, Texas

I'm honored to be included in this year's Fiber Art Exhibit at Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top. It's a fun daytrip from SA, Austin or San Antonio, so I hope many of you will be able to see the show, and hopefully attend the opening!

I have three pieces created specifically for the exhibit (as do all the other artists included). 

Gerald and Debbie run one of the most artist-friendly and collector-friendly galleries I know of -- so they deserve both a round of applause and an art-outing to visit. (PS: You can also visit the new Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange on the same outing if you go Thursday through Saturday.)

P.S. Loyal Reader Request

If you have time, go to this site and rank my blog! (This is my one-new-thing to try today. Read my One-New-Thing challenge tomorrow.)

Coming up next year: Copper Shade Tree Gallery

From Gerald:

Hope all of you are having a great Spring. The wildflowers are in full bloom in Round Top which means... tourism, thank goodness.

We are excited to announce the participants for The Art in Fiber 2012:

Connie M. Fahrion
Cindy Henneke
Lisa Kerpoe
Ginny Eckley
Suzan Engler
Liz Axford
Jo Sweet
Carolyn Dahl
Jack Brockette
Susie Monday
Jane Dunnewold
Mary Ruth Smith
Laura Ann Beehler
Diane Sandlin
Andrea Brokenshire
Linda Teddlie Minton
Martha Tsihlas
Susan King
Barbara Booth
Annie Smith

- Thank you all for joining us. We are truly excited about this upcoming show, and look forward to a great artistic relationship with you all. Each one of us has the responsibility to carry our art form to new levels... The Eyes of Texas are Upon Us, yes, we are being watched. Having said that, your creativity is extremely inspiring to others.

"Copper Shade Tree Expansion"

We finally made it happen. After discussions about a new expansion, Copper Shade Tree has just about doubled in size. We were given the opportunity to acquire additional space in The Stone Cellar, and we took their offer. The front room of The Stone Cellar was the wine room. They moved the wine to the cellar and it looks fantastic. 

The Art in Fiber 2011 show was the premier opening in the new room. Make plans for a visit to Round Top and stop by to see the new look.