Fun with Instant Sketch

I'm always looking for fun and differenct (and free or almost free) apps to load on my iphone, and this one is a winner: Instant Sketch. It's just another variation on a photo sketch tool, but it does precisely what I want with a miminum of settings to tinker with. This will be a great app to share in my COMPUTER TO CLOTH workshop at El Cielo this April, since it's an easy way to go from photo or collage or artwork to a completely black-and-white line drawing. You can alter the line hardness and softness, and add or subtract deep blacks. 

The image above is from this letter collage set and shows the possibility for using this app with art/collage and text, as well as its intended use with photos. I've posted a couple of those examples below, as well.

You can choose an HD or SD (definitions high or standard) for your output and email the images or share via FB.

The sketch above is from a cropped version of this photo (you can crop and scale in the app, too, or take a photo on the spot).




Well, other than the wrinkles, it all works. And I did earn everyone of them!