Art Play Day Number 1


Pat Schulz demonstrates the basics.


A small group of fiber artists and mixed media artists have committed to monthly (more or less) play dates, no end product in mind, but a time to explore different media that perhaps one or more of us has never explored. The first hands-on meeting was last week and we went head-to-head in Pat's Beacon Hill studio to experiment with tissue paper fabric (or is is fabric tissue?). The number has been limited to four, since that makes it possible for us to meet in each others' studios, most of which are fairly small and compact. We're taking turns organizing and teaching, and also play every fifth meeting to be a show and tell session where we each bring back one or more pieces of work that use one or more of the techniques explored in our sessions.

Whatever its name, this is a dry process (unlike the wet process using gel medium or glue that I was familiar with). Using Steam-a-Seam (best because it has a tackiness that holds the initial layer in place) or WonderUnder or another fusible webbing, ltissue papers and collage materials are layered between two fused web layers, then the top surface painted, then the whole sandwich of paper and fusible is ironed to a fabric "liner." One can make subtle and distinctive layered images that can be either treated like a paper collage, or if bound to fabric, stitched into other fiber media.

The end results (and some shots of the participating artists):


Beautiful experiments from Liz Napier


Pat Schulz's experiment with pattern paper and tissue...


Sue Cooke hard at work.

 A cactus from tissue and pattern paper, fused to a gallery canvas frame 12"by 12", one of my projects. Think there's a little series to be found, as I am fixated on my cacti these days.