Count Down to UFO (unfinished fiber object) Workshop


The last UFO workshop was a blast. Unlike most of the workshops that I facilitate out here at El Cielo, this one is "user designed." Artists bring a project that needs the benefits of the studio, a weekend of work, technical advice and tutorials, space and time to spread out and work with concentration, a bit of peer critique to pull a piece (or two) together -- or all of the above. This was really fun last fall and I've offered it again at the request of several artists-in-arms -- but there is room for a few more RETREATEES. Dates: Friday night optional pot luck, June 3, work sessions with tailor-made tutorials, June 4-5. We usually wrap things up around 3:30 or 4.

Even if you aren't working on a fiber project -- it could be watercolor, collage, mixed media or any other art work that you feel needs a jump start or a jump to finish. Or maybe you just need some time to sit and think and look and listen to your artist's self. This weekend is your opportunity.

You are welcome to bring fabric to dye (with advice included!), designs for thermofaxes (at cost, $14 each), stamps to carve, fabric to print through the inkjet, stuff to sew (I have 3 machines or various vintages), canvases or watercolor pads to set up for plein aire work or any other activity that comes to mind.

(The deck is finished now! The pool is fabulous this time of year.)

The cost is $165, with a $15 discount if you sign up before the end of this week. Accommodations range from a private room with bath for $30 to shared room or sofa (comfy I promise) for free. ANd there are beds in the studio (with bathroom) if you are a night owl and want to work into the wee hours.

Call or email me through the contact form on the sidebar if you are interested, and I'll send more details. 


Time Flies. Getting it Done.

And gets away from us sometimes. This is new piece --  Century Plant  -- that's part of a two-year challenge to make 22" by 16 " art quilts every two months -- there are 12 artists participating. If you'd like to know more about the piece, what inspired it and what techniques I used for the surface design, head on over to the blog site for the challenge at Textile Abstractions.

I worked on much of the background fabric during last weekend's wonderful Petroglyph/Prehistory workshop. And as usual I forgot to take photos. I hope that those who attended will send me pics of their work in progress and completed. It was a small group, but we had a wonderful time working together and I think everyone got something good out of the experience.

And, to elaborate on a way for you to spend some valuable time:

At the suggestion of several who were here this past workshop, the next El Cielo experience is going to be a UFO workshop, matched with some teaching and technique practice on finishing details for show submissions -- such as, how to make a proper sleeve, options for edge finishings, how to write a GREAT artist statement, improving your bio statement, packing tips and other ideas.

The UFO portion of the workshop will include peer review and suggestions from me about how to proceed on a piece (or several pieces) that is giving you problems, or just needs a bit of something more, some digital BEFORE and AFTER ideas done on the computer for a piece that needs triage, and, of course, time to actually work, with friendly support, on something you want to finish. YOu can bring a machine or share time on my Bernina (let me know ahead of time), use the printing table, make some rusted fabric, use the computer and printers, etc. You can use the studio and its resources (but if you know you need a certain color of ink or dye you'll need to bring that, as well as batting and fusible web if you use that). I will ask my handy neighbor to be available to make shadow boxes, wooden frames or panels, if you bring the wood (he charges modest fees) and we'll all try to get some stuff done. 

If you need thermofaxes, I'll charge the cost for those $12 -- $15 each.

Plus, we'll have fun, eat, drink, talk, swim and sit in the hot tub if you wish and, I'm sure, laugh and cry over the challenges of finishing up stuff (PS The advice you get about a piece that you really don't want to finish will be to pass it along, cut it up, throw it away or recycle it into something else!). What better way can you think of to spend a summer weekend?

The dates I am looking at right now are either Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 9-11, July 16-18 or August 13-15. If any reading this have a preference and can commit  (with a deposit) to one or the other, send me an email and I'll set the date for your preference.

The workshop fee is $160, with a $10 discount for checks received before July 1. Accommodations are first come first serve and range from upstairs private room with bath for $30, shared (2 bed) room with private bath for $15 per person, $15 for downstairs room with shared bath, free room for blowup mattress and shared bath and free for studio or sleeping porch bed. For those of you who haven't been here before, the  food is great, if I do say so myself -- everyone contributes something for the potluck. Dinner Friday is optional (you can arrive any time after 4 on Friday). We usually finish about 3 /4 on Sunday. I can arrange airport pickup if necessary, and if you do fly in you can stay til Monday for an additional room night charge and maybe an extra bit for the food costs -- or we can eat out on Sunday night.