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I'm teaching an Inkjet to Art class in a few weeks at the Southwest School of Art and Craft. One of the great advantages of the school is the wonderful surface design studio. I can almost guarantee that every participant will have a large 8 foot studio table to work on! You can bring your printer to this class or use mine -- you'll learn three separate and distinctive ways to make inkjet transfers of images, photos, drawings -- what ever lives in your computer or can be placed on the glass of an all-in-one copy machine!

For more information, go to the fiber class section of the school's websiter at

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Class Sessions: 2

Maximum: 10

Location: Surface Design Studio | Navarro

Learn to print on unusual materials including plastic, interfacing, Tyvec, felt, fabrics of all kinds and films to use directly in art quilts, art cloth or mixed media art. You'll learn how to tease an inkjet printer into using unusual substrates, what kind of printers work best, and how to get around the size limitations of your printer by making poster prints online and using polymer medium to make prints with painterly qualities. If you like, bring your own inkjet printer or use the instructor's to learn the basics. Please see SSAC website for a materials list.



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Fee $165.00