Stuck on the sticking point of drudgery

One of the photos from Text on the Surface, my maybe almost finished, maybe never finished  on-line course.

I'm about to glue myself to the bed and pull the covers over my head. So close and yet so far. I finally finished my on-line course test version (need to notify the test pilots, too) and I really do like the way it looks and works. BUT to make it really finished (and usable to the participants), I need to go in adn turn every lesson (there are at least 20) into a pdf, upload it to my .mac public folder, add links and password protect each one on the web page that matches it, and then, no doubt, test every link, blah, blah, blah. Like  I said, where are the covers, where are the bon-bons.

The hard part is done -- but that's the creative part, too -- and all that's holding me back from completion (if anything like this ever is complete -- I also keep thinking of things that should be added) are these little niggly finishing bits of boring activity. That will take several hours. I want to scream, give up or throw a hissy.

Then of course i also have another sleeve and label to sew on an art quilt that has been accepted in an exhbit. Great to be accepted, but I HATE making those sleeves.

Does anyone out there have ways to trick yourself into the boring part of the work? If I could, I would hire someone to do some of this work for me, but I really can't afford that, and the tasks actually don't seem very "farmable-out" to the helpers I have available (my neighbor does do filing for me and trades me art work for that task).

Somebody encourage me! Give me your self-deceptive or come-to-Jesus tricks that get your though the parts of your work that you really can't stand to do! I can't even think of any rewards that make these last bits bearable. Whine. Whine. That's the rest of the crankiness, I can't believe I am so petty and whiny about it, either.